Animal Lunabel Reiki Healing Session

Priced at £30 (Approx 1 hours – Mobile service)

Did you know that our beloved furry companions can experience the same emotional, mental and physical imbalances that we do? Animals are highly sensitive beings and absorb energy from their environment somewhat like a sponge. Just as with people, these energies can contribute to forming blockages/imbalances within the animal’s chakras – which can subsequently manifest as physical ailments and emotional or mental imbalances.

Our pets can even suffer with the same bouts of low mood and depression that we do - however they are at the severe disadvantage of being unable to voice this and to make adjustments for their emotional wellbeing as we would. During a reiki session, I am able intuitively understand and interpret what is affecting your pet, and so can then work with you as their owner to ensure wellbeing is restored to your pet on an ongoing basis.

Reiki for animals is a very safe and natural therapy that perfectly complements veterinary treatment and comes highly recommend by most veterinary practices. Reiki healing energy acts a catalyst for the animal’s natural healing defences – making it the perfect complementary therapy for an animal who is recovering from surgery or undergoing treatment for a disease or illness.

I am formally trained in healing for all animals, including equines. All animal healing sessions are carried out at the animal’s place of residence to encourage maximum comfort and relaxation during the session.

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