Testimonials & Case Studies

Passionate & Caring

I have just been and had my first session with Rach and I will definitely be doing it more! She is so caring and compassionate but most of all she is very passionate and amazing at what she does. If you haven't already please get booked in, you will feel amazing. Thank you so much Hun x x

Testimonials & Case Studies

Thank You!

After a severe bout of depression, this therapy turned out to be the best experience I could have chosen. It helped to focus me, clear my mind, and relax me more than my medication ever did. I also suffer from back pain which, though I hadn't mentioned it, eased dramatically during the session. Don't just consider this, try it.

Testimonials & Case Studies

Professionalism & Kindness

I had my first Reiki session with Rachel on Tuesday and immediately booked a further appointment. Rachel allowed me to babble away to her and I never once felt I was being rushed. Rachel is a gentle soul with wonderful insight and spirituality. I feel like a great weight is being lifted off my shoulders and cannot wait for my next visit.

Bertha thank you! You have inspired me - Testimonials & Case Studies


I've had 2 sessions with Rachel now for reiki & absolutely loved it, I wanted to try something alternative to medication from the doctors for my increasing depressive mood & it's been a life saver, after the first session my mood was instantly lifted & Rachel also took the time to chat to me about what was going on in my life & how it was affecting me, it was like a mini therapy session!I went away feeling so much more positive & confident to tackle some of the issues that were causing me to feel so low. On my second session Rachel could see how much more happier and relaxed I was, if I hadn't gone to see Rachel I've no doubt I'd be on medication now, I sleep better, feel more positive, & more confident to face life in general, thank you Rachel, you are a kind, caring & special person with an amazing gift, I can't wait for my next session x